(Last updated in 2004ish)

I want to thank you for visiting my site!

I have had this website for over 6 years now, and it's sort of a journal (mostly in photographic terms, but now I have my online journal entries as well) of my own journey.

It started off very different than where it has gone. I posted about 10 pictures so I wouldn't have to email them any more, then more were asked for, then more and a hobby was born. The many, many visitors have taken part in the direction, and my own desire to see myself in new ways will continue to define its future.

I am a BBW, which (in web-speak) means I am a Big Beautiful Woman, or just a cute, fat girl (I sort of like that better).

This page is for men, women and friends who have a desire to see, understand, or just take a peek, at a different way of looking at yourself and your life.

I don't have all the answers, and the ones I have found probably don't apply to anyone else.

Many people wonder how you come to "display" yourself (their words, not mine), and the answer I have is... little steps. For me, I didn't wake up one morning and decide it would be a "really great idea" to put up pictures of my fat butt all over the web.

I graduated to a point of comfort in my own life, and learned a lot of lessons along the way. At those times or triumph or even times of struggle, it seemed something I wanted to do to celebrate, or even push myself (force my own mind if you will) to new limits of understanding and acceptance of my body, its uniqueness, my personality, my sensuality and many, many other distinct issues of my life.

Not everyone will understand or appreciate those feelings, and I certainly wouldn't expect that.

If there is one lesson I've learned it's that we are all individuals and deal with our own lives in different ways. I respect other's choices and lives, and I only hope that those who choose to continue within this site are able to afford me the same respect.

Be good, live well and above all... be happy with who you are - it's the best gift you will ever give yourself - take it from one who knows.

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